PreK Pumpkin Unit-Art, Music, & Movement

In our final blog post about the  Preschool Pumpkin Unit Theme, we are going to look at art, music, and movement activities.

Preschoolers are so active and they have high energy levels, which makes it so easy to incorporate art, music, and movement. The great part about this area of teaching is that these things can be integrated into activities that target other domains like language, physical, and intellectual development.

Here are  6 creative ways to integrate art, music, and movement into a pumpkin thematic unit.


Activity #1: Exploring Drawing Human-Like Figures

Even though they may forget little details like certain body parts or facial features, it’s important for children to start exploring this skill during this age. This is developmentally appropriate for their age because they are learning to be creative and explore different art medias.

For this activity, I would let children choose which art medias they like such as markers, crayons, watercolor paints, and colored pencils. The idea is that they would draw themselves with a pumpkin face and head.  I really think that children will find this fun and silly! It’s a great way to get them thinking creatively and drawing body like figures.

Activity #2: Using Basic Shapes to Create Art/Messy Art Play

It’s time to fingerpaint! What better way to stimulate the senses and get the creative juices flowing. For this activity, encourage children to create a pumpkin patch painting using the shapes they are learning about such as circles, squares, triangles, rectangles, hearts, etc. If your class has recently taken a field trip to a pumpkin patch, this is a great follow-up activity. Another idea is for kids to draw their house, with Halloween directions or pumpkins out front.


Activity #1: Finger Play Songs

Preschoolers love learning short songs with repetition that is easy for them to remember. A great age appropriate way to fit music into this theme would be finger play songs or rhymes about pumpkins. There is a 5 Little Pumpkins finger play that is popular and would be a great fit for this theme. This helps them learn repetition, rhyming and allows them to develop motor skills.

Activity #2: Pumpkin Drums

This activity allows children to explore the different sounds they hear from banging on pumpkins. You’ll want to have a couple of different sizes of pumpkins in pairs. Two large pumpkins, two medium pumpkins, and a few plastic pumpkin pails. For each pair of the real pumpkins, you will want to hollow out one pumpkin and leave one pumpkin intact. Encourage children to practice drumming with their hands on the different pumpkins and listen to the sounds they make. This is a great way to explore beat, rhythm, and tones they hear.


I found both of these movement activities on THISFANTASTIC WEBSITE which has so many great pumpkin themed ideas!

Activity #1: Apple, Apple, Pumpkin!

This is such a simple yet fun activity to get the kids moving. It’s also a fun way to incorporate our pumpkin theme and it’s a great opportunity for social interaction. This activity is played just like Duck, Duck, Goose but instead they say APPLE-APPLE-PUMPKIN as they touch their peers’ heads.

Activity #2: Pumpkin Walk

I really LOVE the idea of this activity! I came across this resource as I was researching some ideas for our theme. Most of us are familiar with the idea of cake walks and this uses the same concept. Instead of using numbers, place fall themed pictures on the floor for the kids to walk around on.  This activity also incorporates music and you can use fall themed songs like “Turkey In The Straw”, “Jimmy Cracked Corn”. Check out more details for this activity, HERE.


Good luck and as always MAKE LEARNING FUN!

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