Why Preschool?

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The target age of children that I would love to work with wouldbe preschoolers. The preschool age is such a fun, exciting, and rapid time of growth in young children. Preschool age children are physically active and on the go. They have so much energy and naturally learn everything through play. This allows for so many opportunities to learn via hands-on and engaging activities that stimulate their senses and brains. The preschool years is a stage where children are learning to associate objects with other objects and words, as well as figuring out their place in the physical world. Their intellectual development is rapidly grows during the early years and the learning they do now creates a solid foundation for future education. Emotionally at this age, personalities are being defined and showcased. The children are learning to express themselves in various creative outlets, learning to self-regulate their emotions, and how to manage choices. Socially children are learning how to build, strengthen, and maintain relationships with peers. In addition to learning social roles, language and vocabulary skills at this age are blooming and children are learning to communicate with each other.

I really enjoy working with preschool age children for many reasons. My favorite part about it is the fact that learning is so high energy and fun at this age! Learning should be play based hands-on, and active to keep the children interested. Another reason is because the world is literally the classroom for these kids! You can turn just about every random moment into a teaching moment somehow. Almost every intended lesson can be presented in a multisensory experience that provides opportunities to develop skills across a wide variety of developmental domains. Preschoolers are eager, excited, and motivated to learn. I get so much joy from watching them work hard to accomplish a task and then light up with pride when they master it. We get the privilege of sparking imagination on the minds of young children and help them foster a love of learning. In my opinion, that’s such an honor to be a part of! Lastly, I love this age because I get to see them grow over the course of 1-3 years that they are in preschool. Developmental progress during that time happens so rapidly during the preschool years and it is such an amazing thing to witness!

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